What exactly is A Hard Disk Platter?


Are you aware of what comprises a hard drive? Do you know how it operates or how it is utilized?

It is important to learn about the hard drive and its related features.

Features of Hard Drives

  • A computer’s main storage is the hard drive. They are also referred to as hard discs or HDD and each computer file and program goes here. It was created by IBM in 1956 and initially its storage space was of a few megabytes.
  • The new millennium has hard discs consisting of storage space of 320 GB to 2 TB with speeds ranging between 5400 and 7200 rmp (rotations per minute).
  • HDD consisting of a bigger speed and memory space enables you to save a lot of files and locate them in seconds. It is very useful for people who work on computer applications, photo editing and animations. For normal functions at home, a simple HDD will be ideal.

Hard Disc Platters

  • If you open a hard drive, you will be able to view thin discs and a metal head piled together. These discs are known as platters and they are utilized for the storage of programs and computer files.
  • Platters are linked to a spindle in a similar manner to a wheel’s axe, and are linked to a motor which makes the platters rotate very fast. A head strip made of metal which has a small magnet places each file and program on the platters and also locates the required files via detection.
  • A small film ware or circuit linked to the bottom acts as the interaction line between the mother board and hard disks. The files’ recordings are similar to the recording in tape recorders and cassette tapes.

About PATA

  • Initially PATA (Parallel AT Attachment) was utilized in connecting the hard discs to the motherboards. It appears like a wide and flat cable and you require to link it to the IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) linked to the motherboard.
  • Currently, it is gradually being overtaken by SATA (Serial AT Attachment) also known as SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). It resembles a round short cable and you require linking it to a particular SCSI port.
  • The benefit of SCSI over PATA is that in the CPU, SCSI is able to save more space than PATA. If you desire a HDD which is portable, then purchase a hard disc which is external.
  • An internal hard disk’s components are similar except that its shell is hard and can be grouped with different external drives and it has a USB (Universal Serial Bus Cable).
  • Also, there are particular hard drives for particular gadgets. Notebooks or laptops have HDD which is smaller and fits underneath. Different devices like cell phones, music, video players and game consoles also contain a hard drive designed just for this.


In future, hard drives might be available in smart devices, robots and cars. A hard drive evolved from one section of a machine to a large storage device.

Now you have an idea of what a hard disc platter is!